Essay on Standardized Tests And Test Tests

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Standardized Testing
A standardized test is any test that is administered and scored following a predetermined standard procedure. There are two main types of standardized tests: proficiency tests and achievement tests. Standardized tests predict how well students perform at any subsequent educational level or space. The most common examples are the SAT and the ACT, which attempt to predict how well secondary students will perform in college. However, when assessing the effectiveness of a school, citizens and school board members rely on students ' scores on standardized achievement tests in the US, at the national level, five of these tests are used: the California Achievement Test, Integral Tests Basic Skills Test, Iowa Basic Skills Test, Metropolitan Achievement Test, and Stanford Achievement Test. I am against this policy because they are not fair test. These tests are not objective and put lot of stress and pressure on students as well on teachers.
Firstly, standardized tests are not reasonable. On a standardized test, all students answer precisely the same. These answers are constantly given in a various decision kind of set-up, and each question has just a single answer that is right. The tests reward students who can answer rapidly and to answer questions that doesn 't request much considering. The tests don 't actually survey the capacity to think and to create. 'For quite a long time, commentators have griped that many standardized tests are out of line in light…

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