Essay on Standardized Testing : The No Child Left Behind Act

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Standardized Testing
Standardized testing is something that all students of every age are familiar with. Every day students are forced to take tests or being forced to prepare for a test. According to James W. Popham, there are two different types of standardized tests. There is aptitude and achievement tests. Aptitude tests are used to predict how well kids will do in a new education setting. An example of this is the SAT and the ACT. The other type is achievement tests. These are used in American school systems to evaluate schools and students (Popham). When President George W. Bush was president, he created the No Child Left Behind Act, which is the cause of the increase in standardized testing. Because of No Child Left Behind, standardized testing is negatively affecting students and the classroom in the public school system.

No Child Left Behind

In 2001, President George W. Bush created a new educational plan, called the No Child Left Behind Act. The purpose of this is to create more standardized testing, demand progress, and to improve schools. This act has put a stress on testing, causing standardized testing to be more rapid than ever. In the No Child Left Behind Act, it says, students will be required to take annual tests in reading and math. These scores will be used to make sure that public schools and students are academically successful (Bush). Students are forced into taking these tests. These test scores are used to rank the schools. They try and figure…

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