Standardized Process : Standardized People Essay

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Standardized process: standardized people
In 1895 a young man, who has a history of poor grades in school, was rejected in an admission test for Zurich University. Ten years later he created three theories that revolutionized physics and, consequently, changed the way we understand the world. His name: Albert Einstein. So, how the most important scientist of the last 300 years was a bad student in his childhood? He wasn’t a bad student; just the way of teaching and evaluation, based on standard process and tests, didn’t fit with him. It could not measure all his skills. Unfortunately, standardized tests still have been used by our system of education worldwide, in the United States and in Brazil, limiting to just objective aptitudes the knowledge of our students. These have many perverse impacts to the students, such limit their learning, not evaluable the student, and, finally, not prepare the students to the transformation of the world.

Not evaluate the students accordingly is the first effect that standardized tests could be, and there are many kinds of these tests as ENEM in Brazil and SAT in United States, or even TOEFL for English proficiency. Standardized tests try to measure the understanding about a subject by a exam of multiple choices or true or false question in a standard way that not evaluate the background, social-economical situation or psychological set of test taker. These tests cannot measure the real knowledge of students, because it is limited to…

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