Standardized Assessments Are Invalid Because Essay

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In order to create a nurturing environment, Kaleigh and I took the student outside of the classroom and conducted the interview sitting in the hallway. The student had mentioned how she wanted to sit in the hall, so we chose an environment where she felt comfortable. The Spinnelli article highlighted how many times, standardized assessments are invalid because, “ELLs frequently have little experience taking tests and become anxious, confused, or have difficulty controlling their attention” (Spinnelli, 2009, pg. 103). To make sure that the information the student was providing us was accurate and that she understood the questions correctly, we wanted to ensure that she felt comfortable in the environment that we would be interviewing her. When formatting the questions, we tried to make sure to get the most information from our student in the least number of questions. We felt that if we had asked 20 or more questions, that the student might feel intimidated or that we were asking too many questions. We kept the official questions to 12 and we were able to get a plethora of information. At the beginning of the interview, Kaleigh and I mentioned how if our student didn’t want to answer all the questions she didn’t have to, in order to seem less imposing and to take the stress away from the student of feeling obligated to answer each question. When talking to our student, the first thing I had noticed is that she was wearing a hijab. When it came time to ask about her…

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