Stakeholder Is Any Group Or Individual That Can Affect Or Be Affected By An Organization 's Purpose

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Stakeholder is “any group or individual that can affect or be affected by an organization’s purpose.” With the idea of the stakeholder’s definition, there are many individuals that are affected by any one organization or business. Such people can be shareholders, financiers, employees, suppliers, customers, the surrounding community, and the government. Each different type of stakeholder has their own interests in which they would like to achieve from an organization. The stakeholder’s interest of an organization is focused on Sears Holdings, specifically Sears, Roebuck, & Co. Sears, Roebuck, & Co also known, as Sears is a chain of department stores located in the United States. Sears is a store selling appliances, apparel, lawn and garden equipment, tools, and much more. The stakeholder’s interests being investigated are from an employee (me Timothy Donovan) and a customer of Sears.
Part One:
The interview starts after a transaction in the jewelry department of the McKinley Malls Sears, Buffalo, New York on Monday, October 10, 2016. The transaction was completed by me and as I handed her bag filled with clearance jewelry, I asked the woman “Would you mind if I ask you some questions, I have an assignment in my management class I have to complete”, the woman with brown hair and looks in her mid- forties named Debra Tucker replied “ Sure what do you want to ask me.” The question asked to the woman is “What are your interests in Sears as being a customer?” It took the woman…

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