Staff Motivation at Sharp Healthcare Essays

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Staff Motivation at Sharp HealthCare
Mahzad Farahani
California State University of East Bay
Professor Jay Umeh

The main goal of Sharp Healthcare is to increase employees, physicians, and patient satisfaction as well as providing quality care. They believe that in order for the facility to be successful, it has to have motivated staff who provide quality care. At Sharp Health Care, they believe in open communication among the staff, which can be argued to be a weak approach. It can also be argued that Sharp Healthcare can be rewarding their staff so that they can improve their performance further. Overall, Sharp approach to motivate its staff is a great innovation and it will be great if it is replicated in
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Among Sharp’s six pillars of success, three are relevant to employee motivation. Accreditation and licensing scores; infection control measures; patient safety are measures used to determine performance targets for the quality pillar. Overall patient and physician satisfaction Sharp hospitals and medical groups are measures used to determine performance targets for the service pillar. Increased employee satisfaction and retention are instrumental to people as a pillar of success. Sharp has utilized employee opinion surveys and workforce planning and development to learn how to satisfy the needs and wants of its employees. Numerous studies have shown that a direct correlation between employee satisfaction and motivation. The results of a case study of the relationship between motivation and job satisfaction of the white collar employees in which motivation has been treated as a dependent variable and job satisfaction as an independent variable, shows a positive correlation between motivation and job satisfactions (Singh & Tiwari, 2011).
Furthermore, as part of its workforce development, the Sharp University provides on-site continuing professional education to facilitate learning and skill development of Sharp’s workforce. This presents a unique and rare opportunity for Sharp’s employees to gain more education without pausing their career. The fact that this is a rare opportunity in today’s world, it can be

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