Staff Motivation And Motivation

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Motivation is the ways in which businesses encourage their staff in order to improve productivity and create a healthy environment in the workplace (see appendix 1). There are many methods to staff being motivated, such as financial rewards and job enlargement (see appendix 1), which will be explored throughout my essay. There are numerous benefits to motivating staff; if they are happy, they are less likely to take days off, leading to better efficiency in the workplace. Many businesses will follow Maslow’s hierarchy of needs (see appendix?)..............................................................
For my controlled assessment, I decided to do my primary research on Just Desserts, a local business who sell desserts and drinks, such as
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During my research, I conducted a questionnaire amongst the manager and the staff (see appendix 2 and 3), in order to find the ways in which staff are motivated.
A way in which staff is motivated is by financial rewards. From my primary research, 60% of the staff who took part in the questionnaire said that they were motivated via this method (see appendix 4) and the manager said that they used this method. This method is good because it recognizes the staff responsibility to the job they are doing. This will lead to better productivity, which will lead to happier customers due to the service they are being provided, leading to more sales resulting in more profit for the business. The manager of Just Desserts stated “I believe that the most effective method is financial rewards as you are acknowledging the staff’s commitment to the job” (see appendix 5). Another way this method of motivation is good is the likelihood of the employee staying increases,
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The manager of Just Desserts stated “good communication is very effective as you are able to create a relationship with your staff” (see appendix 5). 20% of the staff who took part in the survey said that one of the ways they were motivated was by communication. This method is good because it improves the relationship between the manager and the employee. A good relationship will create trust between the worker and the manager, as the manager will be able to rely on them to get the work done correctly and efficiently. In addition, it will reduce possible conflict within the workplace which will lead to a more comfortable environment for the staff and the manager. Another reason this is a good source of motivation is it will increase efficiency within the workplace. This is because it will make the worker feel valued as they know that they are able to talk to everyone within the workplace (see appendix 9). Also, by giving them feedback on their work, they can understand what they need to do in order to improve their productivity in the workplace (see appendix 10). Disadvantages to communication in the workplace are that one employee may be favoured over another employee by another and therefore will listen to their views more. This can lead to an

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