Stability In Brave New World

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Aldous Huxley 's Brave New World presents a world that is influenced by technology and science where your individuality is taken from you. This society is supposed to be nothing but perfection which creates stability, which maintains order as where people have no emotional intentions and do not think for themselves because they are demoralized and are brainwashed. Even history is fabricated and retold differently to maintain stability and to not let people question the World controllers. World controllers control social class, intellectual ability, religion and morals which is also known as communism. Social stability is not worth the price if you cannot be your own person with choosing what to believe and what to think. The World State, …show more content…
Everyone belongs with Everyone, they aren 't not suppose to feel or love anything. Sleeping with guy to guy is nothing but normal. They have a drug called Soma; which is also used to maintain the stability from people, so they do not get out of hand with each other. By taking this drug the people instantly forget about the worries and fall into this "soma holiday"where they are carefree. This is very important because it keeps everything from becoming a disaster and from people from creating chaos. The Bokanosky 's Process plays a huge role within the caste system, where there is no conflict between the people and system. This is also known as "cloning" they use the same embryos just different types of conditioning with a certain batch every time. That way they do not question their identity in the caste estate. The caste system in Brave New World the system is divided into five tiers: Alphas, Betas, Gamma, Deltas, and Epsilons. Every tier has been condition to do their everyday routine and with that they are able to reach that stability within each other. This is also known as a type of of democracy where they are all separated by tiers. This is not worth it because they don 't let the citizens do as they want and maybe they are capable of more than they are brainwashed to …show more content…
The utopian society was to contain its stability, although people like Bernard questions their environment and struggles to understand of the caste system that he 's in, who is aware what soma does to you. He is not your average Alpha plus, he actually sees the truth and isn 't being blinded by lies and takes the time to actually think about more not just what they are told to think and believe in. The higher the caste a person is conditioned to the intelligence rate is higher. The ten world leaders have gotten the society to believe in certain principle where they are simply not going to explain. The Gammas, Deltas, and Epsilons are being poisoned with alcohol to " sub-human" people. When anyone says family, Mom, or they start to feel affection towards something they just panic because they are suppose to be like bad words. They are trained not to feel or have attached to something or

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