St. Augustine 's Confessions Essay

1947 Words Nov 21st, 2015 null Page
In the case of St. Augustine’s Confessions, I would believe that every individual that was able to discover and analyze the text could come to some form of conclusion whether or not Augustine ceased to pursuit of pleasure at the end of his conversion. With the context that was provided through the text along with the Piper’s article on Christian Hedonism, in my personal judgment, I came to the conclusion that Augustine did not cease his pursuit of pleasure after being converted, but would say that he began his journey as a Christian hedonist after his conversion. According to Piper and his input on the true meaning of what it is to be a hedonist is described to be the pursuit of some form of a pleasurable, satisfaction or happy sensation within themselves in their life. Before Augustine’s conversion, this was not the case. Prior to his conversion, Augustine saw life to be filled with necessary means, which ended in a short-term pleasure as oppose to an eternal pleasure in life. Therefore, if we were to look at this from a perspective such as this, it seems as if Augustine never ceased to stop pursuing happiness because he always seemed to pursue satisfaction in some form of way. Before Augustine’s conversion to Christianity, his life was full of sin and impurities. All of the sin and lustful ways that he had was to fulfill a temporary worldly satisfaction as oppose to an eternal gratification with God. “My sin consisted in this, that I sought pleasure, sublimity, and truth…

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