Compare And Contrast Augustine And Dante

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It is evident that Augustine and Dante are much like many authors as they too explore spirituality in their writings. Augustine’s book Confessions and Dante’s Purgatorio both see humans as pilgrims on a journey that either brings them to God or away from God. These books have challenged readers, like myself, as they draw insight from them to apply to their own spiritual journey. In these books there are many themes that apply to Augustine and Dante’s spiritual journey. The theme that I am choosing to consider is evil and sin. I want to provide the role and purpose of the problem of evil in both works of writings. Traveling through hell to reach paradise.
Evil has a mask of disguise and once deceived by it, it’s hard to get back on track. Both books,
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In The Purgatory, Virgil speaks on behalf of mankind and how love is a strong desire and it is up to the man himself to mentally control his thoughts and attraction, “ Neither Creator nor his creatures ever, my son, lacked love. There are, as you well know two kinds: the natural love, the rational.”(Canto XVII 93) Virgil goes on and explains about free will and ones destiny. If a man should love evil or unworthy things then he shall perish in hell and be punished. Dante shows sexual desires and in order to embrace holy living, humans have to purge their sins. All of the seven rooted sins are example of love gone wrong. Dante isn’t convinced that love can make one do the right thing but damage them. As Dante journey leads us into a medieval afterlife and is taken to the journey up the mountain, Dante’s fate is continually blown by his own disordered desire and lustfulness. Also talking about lust, Augustine also through his journey comes upon lust and his desire to love. In the Confessions, Augustine states, “ What was it that delighted me? Only loving and being loved”(confessions 62) He is tormented by the thoughts and evil doing of love and lust. Augustine deals with original

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