Srs for Abc Loan Management System Essay

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Software Requirements Specification


Placement Automation System

Version 1.0

The LNMIIT, Jaipur


Table of Contents

Table of Contents ii
Revision History ii
1. Introduction 1 1.1 Purpose 1 1.2 Document Conventions 1 1.3 Intended Audience and Reading Suggestions 1 1.4 Product Scope 1 1.5 References 2
2. Overall Description 2 2.1 Product Perspective 2 2.2 Product Functions 4 2.3 User Classes and Characteristics 4 2.4 Operating Environment 4 2.5 Design and Implementation Constraints 4 2.6 User Documentation 5 2.7 Assumptions and Dependencies 5
3. External Interface Requirements 5 3.1 User Interfaces 5 3.2 Hardware Interfaces 5 3.3 Software
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iv) To cater all the customers of all the branches of the ABC Bank in India and abroad.

5 References

The following reference manuals of the ABC Bank and its Governing Reserve Bank are used in preparing this SRS: i) Minutes-of-the-Meeting between the LNMIIT SE Course instructor and the Loan Management Staff of the ABC Bank’s Rajasthan Head-Office, held on January 14th 2011 at the Bank’s HO. ii) ABC Bank’s Loan Management Manual # 2 Version 1.2.3 iii) The Reserve Bank of India Loan Management Manual # 1 Version 4.5.6

Overall Description

1 Product Perspective

The following diagram describes the high-level business process of the Loan Management functions of the ABC Bank:

The Loan Management Functions Part – I: Creation and Maintenance of Loan Types:

The Loan Management Functions Part – II: Loan Application Submission and Processing till Closure:


2 Product Functions

This software package is expected to offer the following services:

a) For the Loan Management Staff of ABC Bank: a. Facility to define and maintain the types of Loans offered by the ABC Bank; and a facility to define and maintain the process flow and eligibility rules of each type of loan. b) For

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