Essay about Spyware

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Case: Using Technology to Identify Who We are and to Track What We Do


After perusing the internet Mr. Anderson’s home laptop started to perform commands on its own, without Mr. Anderson’s input. An ad for Spy-Wiper appeared on his laptop warning him that if he wanted to protect his laptop he had to sign up for the program that would clear his system of any rogue software. When Mr. Anderson arrived at work the following day he discovered that his office computers displayed similar messages from Spy-Wiper. Spy-Wiper was using coercion tactics to intimidate users into signing up for their software, holding the user’s computer hostage until they complied. Spy-Wiper created the threat and supplied the
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Individuals and companies that produce and distribute such spy-ware should be held financially accountable they should be mandated to pay for any losses that the user has suffered and to discontinue their practices.
Difficulties in Removing
The very website that is offering to remove your spy-ware could be the very website that put the spy-ware on your system in the first place. Even if the spy-ware removal software program didn’t put the original spy-ware on the user’s system doesn’t mean that it won’t leave one on the user’s system after it is through “cleaning the computer”. Some spy-ware can totally destroy a computer system. The spy-ware can interfere with proper running of your computer by; attacking the hard disc, interfering with the memory and the registry. Ultimately spy-ware can render your computer inoperable and the user can lose everything that was stored on that system. Installing a free spy-ware removal program may not be enough to recover your system. In order to possibly remove the spy-ware the user must upload a reputable spy-ware removal program and a proper scanner. The program will remove the spy-ware from the system but in order to remove the spy-ware from the registry a registry cleaner program would need to be uploaded.
Stakeholders and Perspective
Software companies are making more money by providing solutions to user’s spy-ware problems. Because of the pervasive

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