Spring Buck Speech : What Are R5 's Goals For The Future? Essay

1011 Words Sep 18th, 2015 null Page
Spring Buck speech gave an overview of what Cornell, poses, recycles, and landfills (and reuse). I was really surprised by how many refrigerators are recycled (433 yearly), but made sense when Buck related it to the plethora of research labs on campus. However, how long are these refrigerator made to last? Are they cheaply made like our home refrigerators, which was stated in chapter 10 of Waste Makers. It that produces are more worried about sales than quality. For example, it also states that the American Institute of Electrical Engineers was in trouble for its mostly plastic (more breakable than metal) gadgets, because plastics have appealed to producers due to cost and their built-in colors help promote sales (p. 107). Today, this plethora of plastics in out gadgets (phones, cars, etc.) still hold true. However, when I went home that day, I realized one big question. What are R5’s goals for the future? She told us all about the changes this program has at Cornell since its creation in 2009. Yet what about the future for waste management at Cornell? I wanted to know goals such as a carry-in carryout, which was at my old college, to make it easier for the workers to clean up classroom and to make students think about throwing it away by having them go outside of the classroom and to put their waste in the correct bin. However, Spring Buck presentation left me with pause of the efforts we made in at my college. Who received it (Spring Buck’s question)? Did we just waste…

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