Wealth Community Business Plan

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Overview and Rationale
Spread the Wealth Community Center promotes fitness and health education for adults. Our motto is that it is never too late. By that we mean that it doesn’t matter what happened in the past, we will work with you if you want a healthier future. We provide the place and motivation, you provide the hard work, sweat and tears. The center will be located in West Palm Beach for the Palm Beach County population. Spread the Wealth welcomes adults of all shapes and sizes. We want to share the health information that we have gathered throughout the years and really spread the wealth of healthy knowledge. There will be health classes for all too intent that will give fun and interesting tips on how to start this new lifestyle,
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At the check-in desk members will swipe their cards and each time they swipe it, the more points they get. The points go towards a monthly and yearly prize. These prizes are used as incentives to get others to come to the group. The emails are to be used to let people know if they are closer to reaching their goal per month or if they are taking steps back. We know life can get in the way at times, but hopefully seeing the emails will help.
Program Objectives At the Spread the Wealth Community Center, we will use social media to get our word out. Also some in person presentation for recruitment, going anywhere and everywhere we can to spread the wealth. Letting the people know that it is never too late and we will use the knowledge of our well trained and educated staff members to assist members with what they will need to reach their goals.
To decrease the rate of overweight adults in South Florida, we will provide six fitness classes. Yoga, Kickboxing, Spin cycle, Zumba, Tabata and CrossFit. Each program provides benefits to for our members because each of them are done in group settings or with a trainer. We will promote group workouts to show that there is strength in numbers. Examination and surveys will be done each month to determine what fitness and tip classes to keep and what to let go. (Spink,

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