Essay on Sports Related Concussions And Concussions

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According to Dr. Fred Theye and Dr. Karla Mueller (Source #1), over the past seven years there have been almost triple the amount of published articles than there were between 1982 and 1996 on the topic of sports-related concussions and how frequently they occur in the United States of America; that fact alone shows that concussions and head injuries in athletes is a growing problem that affects more and more people each year. So how can this issue be acknowledged and resolved without having to find a way to simply avoid concussions, which are inevitable in most sports? Athletes should be required to sit out from sports for longer periods of time after suffering a concussion, so that they can heal completely and avoid further damage. Going back onto the field after a head injury not only makes an athlete more susceptible to further injury, but it also makes the effects of their concussion accumulate and last longer, and the failure to allow complete recovery could cause permanent harm.

As mentioned previously, allowing an athlete to continue participating in a game after suffering an injury makes them a lot more likely to get even more injuries while they play. This is because they are still recovering and regaining their strength, and their body, especially their head, is still very vulnerable. And "not only does one concussion increase the risk for a subsequent concussion, but a history of concussion may lead to slower recovery of functions," as explained by Dr. Theye…

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