Sports Is A Social Norm Essay

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As years go past, violence in sports has not decreased, but has now been considered a “social norm” among modern day society. Athletes that participate in sports see their actions and emotion expression as being controlled and managed, but this has also led to spectators viewing their actions as “controlled” violence. Violence in sports goes beyond the consequences for the athlete, as it changes others to believe that it is acceptable behavior outside the game. As fights abruptly break out among the fans watching the sport. Can also lead to violence occurring at youth level sports. But also result in player abuse towards loved ones. Participating athletes are not the only people getting caught up in the game. Spectators in the stands go through the same emotions as the players do during the game. Professor John E. Eck of the University of Cincinnati who studies criminal justice, believes, “The six most common forms of spectator violence is verbal, gesturing, throwing objects, swarming the field, property destruction, and physical violence” (Eck, 2008). Most of items on this list are acts that professional athletes commit such as verbal, gesturing, and physical violence, which can leave the fans convinced that it is acceptable to carry out these acts among rival fans. Author Jeffrey Margolis, who has been a college and high school educator, recalls a notable story of spectator violence is in 1994, during a football game between Los Angeles Raiders and Los Angeles Rams.…

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