Essay about Sports For High School And Academia

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When determining the importance of sports relevant to high school and academia, it is useful to acknowledge the greatest advantage of sports: sports keep students in school and out of trouble. While Ripley calls this argument “dangerously old fashioned” it is in fact still relevant and on par with today’s society. Early on in her article “The Case Against High-School Sports,” Ripley references early 20th century “vices” like prostitution and gambling. While not problems of most teenagers of today, sports keeps this generation away from drugs and crime. Though Ripley provides decent evidence against high school sports and aptly addresses the counter arguments in favor of said sports, I do not believe she has a true case against them. Ripley begins her argument by stating “Sports are embedded in American schools in a way they are not almost anywhere else,” and forms the base of her argument against high school sports around the United States’ educational ranking worldwide. Her main argument against sports in high schools further develops around the idea that sports hinder education because of distraction and cost. The idea of educational hindrance by extra-curricular distraction and cost is ridiculous. It is at this point I would like to clarify that I am not in favor of educational budget cuts in favor of athletics; Ripley’s evidence regarding the money spent on a typical high school athlete compared to that of a high school academic is frankly shocking. For some high…

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