Sports Coach : A Sport Coach Essay

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Sport coach
The first experience I had of coaching was when I was a sports coach in schools around the St Albans area this was in partnership with St Albans football club. This was mainly done in primary schools at lunch time and after school. The focus sport of this event was football and was normally a session for around an hour. However if the weather was bad due to poor indoor facilities I would sometimes need to coach dodgeball inside as the space would be too small for football. This allowed me to use versatility in my approach and always be able to change plans if the weather or space is against me. The number of people I coached ranged from 15-23 people and they was mainly in year 3, 4 and 5 at school. Due to the year 3 being smaller I would sometimes need to put them in a group by themselves which would mean I need to watch over 2 sessions at once and this required my leadership skills to be of a high level to make sure that the order is maintained throughout the groups.

Holiday camps
The next experience I had was being the head coach at the St Albans holiday camps this role consisted of making sure the coaching was too a good standard as well as trying to influence the number of people attending the event by helping to publicise it at all the event I go to. With this role the coaching I had to do was limited as a lot of it was overseeing the event to make sure that it followed all of the health and safety regulations. This then allowed me to enhance my leadership…

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