Sports And Its Impact On Sports Essay

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Sports has become symbolic in representing national competencies where countries battle for national supremacy through international competitions (Carter 2002). Symbolically, national identity as well as national sentiments can be manifested through major sports events. In places like Catalonia in Spain, Brittany in France, or Taiwan, sports has been used to provide a sense of cultural independence. Success in particular sports has symbolically linked specific sports to specific places. For example, athletics is linked to Kenya, football is linked to Brazil; ice hockey is linked to Canada or Sweden; golf is linked to Scotland; sumo wrestling is linked to Japan; cycling is linked to France, baseball is linked to Cuba, and hurling is linked to Ireland, and their achievements in sports contributes to defining the identity and greatness of the nation (Jarvie 2006:115). There is an explicit assumption that nationalism is a uniform global identity based on the fact that nationalist formations are informed by locally and historically specific power relations. This leads to a process of sportization which is intimately tied to the construction of modern national identities (Carter 2002). (Bairner 2001) makes it abundantly clear that the construction of a “national sport” based on a seemingly “universal” sport, such as soccer, is not a straight forward matter. He shows the homogenization assumption is challenged because the formation of a national sport is more problematic as a…

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