Sports And Its Impact On Sports Programs Essay

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Sports Have No Place in Higher Education
While college student’s pile up debt to cope with sky rocketing tuition, and universities are battling immense budget shortfalls; institutions of higher learning continue to waste vast amounts of money on sports programs that in no way relate to their mission to provide an education. As schools turn away scholastically qualified students and provide diminishing financial aid to those accepted, they dole out full athletic scholarships to less qualified applicants who are less likely to graduate. Colleges and universities should devoid themselves of costly sports programs and put an end to athletic scholarships. Some schools have already recognized the immoral and unsustainable economic path they are on and chosen to recapture their moral compass by putting money previously allocated for sports programs into student services and fee and tuition reduction. While they are currently in the minority, more and more school presidents are opening their eyes and seeing college sports programs for what they are, a misappropriation of funds.
Intercollegiate athletics are expensive, and contrary to popular perception almost every program loses money and has to be subsidized by the university through its general fund or student fees. Currently colleges and universities can spend up to six times the amount of money on a student athlete as they do on a regular student. Along with paying for travel to competitions, these athletes often benefit from…

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