Sport, Position, And Evaluation Of The Sport Essay

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Sport, position, and evaluation of the sport
The athlete I have chosen for my program design is a 27 year old, male professional basketball player. The position I have chosen is a forward. To begin with I first completed a movement analysis in order to better determine what my athlete would benefit most from. Basketball is a sport in which many joints of the body are used. It is a full body sport. Some of the most seen actions include: elbow extension and flexion, knee flexion and extension, shoulder rotation, ankle plantar and dorsiflexion, head rotation, wrist flexion and extension and hip flexion and extension. Some of the major movements that contribute to these joint actions and its related exercises are listed below.

In performing a physiological analysis we find that for a basketball forward, it is important to have a high level of muscular endurance as well as power. This is due to the constant running throughout the game in which muscular endurance is needed and power is needed in movements such as jumping. Strength and hypertrophy would come last on our priorities list. Some common injuries that basketball forwards faces include: ACL tears, ankle sprains, Achilles tendonitis, patellar tendonitis, shoulder impingement, and lower back pain. This athlete is most likely to have one of these injuries if any due to the role of the position. Although basketball is not supposed to be a contact sport, often contact occurs due to competitive athletes. An ACL tear can…

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