Spirituality Is The Bond That Brings Us Together Essay

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Spirituality is the bond that brings us together as human beings or it is an individual feelings of looking for a connection and changing the meaning of life (Mcinnes Miller & Van Ness Sheppard, 2014). Spituality gives purpose to someone 's life and it brings one to unmatchable God. Spirituality involves prayer, meditation, interactions with natures or others, and relationship with God or a higher power. Spirituality is serving total person such as physical, emotional, social, and spiritual. The role of spirituality in health care involves coping, mortality and recovery. Spirituality is a personal relationship to the unparalled God. Spirituality is our connection to God, nature, each other, and the innermost part of ourselves. Pluralism is spirited engagement with assortment or the active and soliciting of understanding across lines of differences or it is an experience of tribute. Medical pleuralism can be defined as the use of more than one medical system or the use of both standard and compatable substitute treatment. It could also be defined as the belief in two or more religious worldview as being equally acceptable. Pleuralism in postmoderm world means religious tolerance or patience. Scientism is the believe that only science has the truth about the world and reality. Scientism is the principle that science is the base of all understanding and that all truth can be arrived at by practical method. Postmodernism spirituality is a continuation of the advances made…

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