Essay about Speech On Acceptance Of Violence

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Acceptance of Violence?

“We’re so used to seeing this thing on television” was Fanny Clain’s response to the Brussels attacks earlier this year. After being severely injured in the attack, Clain was more startled by the intensity of the explosion than the act itself. What’s shocking is that her attitude in response to violent attacks is not rare. In a world where media plays an influential role in shaping public opinion, we are unfortunately greeted with an immense amount of violence. Whether in movies or on a 24-hour news cycle, violence consumption is on the rise. And it’s not to say that there is anything wrong with such violence. In fact, many individuals find explosions and gore quite entertaining. This epidemic, however, stems from beyond the common action movie into our news cycles. Our local news channels are inundated with constant sound bites of mass shootings, police violence, and homicides. This constant violent feed is detrimental to the human psyche, and eventually, we begin to respond to traumatic events with sentiments like Fanny Clain’s, those of indifference.
In this paper, I will analyze the psychological effects of becoming indifferent to violent news, better known as desensitization. By arguing how violence has become increasingly normalized in our society, I will address the implications of these frequencies, and how this, in turn, affects our feelings of empathy and compassion towards victims of violent events.
News today often bombards the American…

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