Essay on Speech : My Memory And Football Games

1182 Words May 31st, 2016 null Page
As we all know the objective of this speech is to talk about our memory 's in sachem. This was actually pretty hard for me considering I barley remember what happened yesterday. Although my memory may just be as bad as Mr. Pringles who asks me where I 'm going at least three times within the same five minutes it 's still pretty up there. What I can say is I will remember this. All of the times I have been called poofy, serena williams or even troy polamaloo because apparently my hair morphs my face. All of the times Iv 'e fallen up the main stairs, yes I said up. The time when we had the blackout and I was trapped in a bathroom stall because I couldn 't see or the other blackout when I had a dance party in the school store. Shoutouts to mara. The basketball and football games when Instead of cheering I would pull out every dance move I had during halftimes and time outs. Junior banquet and last years senior prom when I actually did the worm and had more sweat on me then the amount of water in niagra falls. All of my embarrasing moments I have had like when I "cut the cheese in math class" freshman year but hey what can ya do. Alot of you may not know but this year almost feels like a second senior year for me. I began my highschool journey as a eighth grader actually when I was pulled up for basketball, along with that I was on varsity soccer starting freshman year and was always associated with people older than me. Sadly I had probably pulled every muscle in my body, you…

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