Essay about Speech And Communication, Barriers, And Noise

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When a Mexican Moves In
When you hear the word barrier what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Perhaps it’s a fence separating backyards, a construction sign blocking the road from traffic, a mountain you need to drive around, a blockade preventing ships to pass through a channel. Whatever it is, they all follow the basic definition of a barrier: Anything used or acting to block someone from going somewhere or from doing something, or to block something from happening (Cambridge). Regarding speech and communication, barriers are very much the same in that they are preventing the passage of understanding to reach another individual. Another term for barriers found in communication is termed noise. Noise distorts or interferes with a message reaching the receiver (DeVito 9-10). Whether physical or mental, barriers and noise exist everywhere. In this essay I will explain a variety of situations I encountered last year and reflect upon what was done or what could have been done to deal with each problem in a reasonable manner.
To set the scene, last school year my family and I were encountered with multiple communication barriers when a foreign exchange student moved in with my aunt and uncle, who live one-quarter mile down the road from us. Isaac came to Fowler, Michigan from Mexico. He was sixteen-years old and a sophomore in high-school. Since he came here from Mexico, he of course spoke Spanish, but he was also decent when it came to speaking English because his…

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