Essay on Specsavers Optical Group Ltd.

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Specsavers optical group ltd is a private company which started in 1984 and its products are spectacles, contact lenses and hearing aids. Specsavers optical group ltd is a British optical retail chain that operates globally. The firm operates most of its stores under a “Joint or shared venture partnership” consisting of a partnership between an optometry Director and a retail Director and this is similar to a franchise agreement.
Unlike many franchises, a customer from one branch of Specsavers should expect to get equal service from another branch. Another difference is that Specsavers own shares in the franchise business rather than providing goods and services under a franchise agreement. As of 2011/12 Specsavers had a total number of partners of 200. Total revenue 1.7 billion, 30,000 total number of employees.
Today Specsavers is the world’s largest optical retailer with more than 1,750 stores operating in 10 countries and more than 80 domiciliary partnerships in the UK. Each business is part – owned and managed by its Directors and supported by centralised teams of specialists in area such as Marketing, Accounting, IT and Supply chain.

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