Special Needs Education

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Children with disabilities haven 't always had the chance to get a proper education. Change for children with disabilities didn 't begin until around 1950. Some of the most notable changes have been changes within disability for students and disability services, as well as the right to education. There has also been many different plans and ideas put in place to solidify what to do with any type of special needs student.
Students and children with disabilities have commonly been segregated and were educated in this type of setting for a long while. This is a view that has been replaced as segregation is not an ideal option. Each disabled child is recognized to be able to have the same opportunities as everyone else and have a right to be able to have education as it is a basic value. During modern times now there are plenty of different special services that a special needs student may be able to tap into, but this wasn 't always the case. Students with disabilities during these times were referred to as slow learners and sometimes even placed in separate classes which is what began the segregation.
At one point in time education was thought as a privilege and not a basic right. Most states did not have access to special education programs in the early
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Stage one is initiating the referral, stage two is assessing student eligibility and educational need, stage three is developing the IEP, and stage four is determining the student 's educational placement in the LRE (11th ed., p. 35-37). United States school systems are required to provide special services and accommodations to disabled students. Students with disabilities are not allowed to be discriminated against because of their disability. The school districts have to find another way to help the children exhibit acceptable behavior instead of expelling the student. The schools can provide problem-solving and decision-making techniques to help these

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