Essay On Special Education Case Study

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The student whom I am preforming my Case study on is an eight year old African American female. The student is in the third grade and has been diagnosed with a learning disability. The female cannot function on the same level as her peers, but she does not have a physical handicap condition. The family background of the student includes learning disability conditions. The child has three older siblings that were a part of the Special Education program as well. The mother and father of the child are not together. However, they co-parent in order to care for their child properly. The child is from a lower class family that work minimum wage jobs. The mother is currently enrolled in college obtaining a GED. Usually, the child is shifted from parent to parent during the week in order for the mom to attend school. The father did not complete high school. The child has a no serious medical conditions, but she does suffer from speech problems and has to go to Speech classes twice a week. The student loves to listen to music during her …show more content…
The mother first found out the child had a disability at three years old. The signs of the child having a disability begin to appear when the child was younger. The mother already has three older kids with learning disability, and she knew the signs pretty well. The child was very delayed with developments when she turned one. The child begin to show a lack of learning ability. Shel also took longer to train to the pot than it normally takes a child. The student also could still not hold a spoon when entering Head start. The child was then diagnosed and given an IEP. The family of the child was effected by the diagnosis by the judgments that the mother could not have children without disabilities. People in the community start saying the mom must have been doing drugs. The family became very overprotective of the child and did not want her around different

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