Special Education As A Career Essay

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Children with Special Education
How many of you really know what it’s like to handle a child with special needs? Most of you aren’t able to answer it’s difficult it requires strength, patients, a high tolerance level heir are many people who have worked with children with special needs have been bitten , hit and things thrown at them. It takes a lot of patience and respect for someone to handle those situations. Because children with special need’s tend to be very strong and teachers have to be able to handle them and also being able to prevent yourself from being severely injured.
Teacher’s have a lot of responsibility of handling a child with extra needs they have to be able to transfer them doing certain things. In this essay concerning Special Education as a career; Education, Salary, Job Duties, Job Availability, Tools and Equipment, and Challenges will be discussed.
Children with Special Education have a difficult time with : Social Values , Individual worth , being treated fairly and, Importance in the community. For instance in an article discussing the social values for Special Education it states, “People hold social values, opinions, and beliefs that influence how those limited resources are distributed. These social values affect who receives special education services; who pay for them; which services are provided; and where, when, and how they are delivered. Social values are not absolute. ( Social Values Pg 8 )” Saying that Special Needs children/ Adults…

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