Spanish American War Causes And Effects

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Causes and Effects of the Spanish American War
There were many causes and effects from the Spanish American War. From 1880, between the United States, Puerto Rico, the Philippines, and Cuba, the United States wanted to imperialize after completing their manifest destiny and began a war with Spain while protecting Cuba. There were four main motives of the United States imperialism which were economic interest, political and military interest, humanitarian and religious interest, and social darwinism. These motives helped the United States achieve their Manifest Destiny after they took over the west. For instance, they practiced controlling the Native Americans territory and used their resources to their advantage. The United States established
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The war in the Philippines were major battles. In 1898, after the Maine exploded, Theodore Roosevelt telegraphed Commodore George Dewey with a plan. Roosevelt told Dewey to position his ships in a place they could strike if war were to start. Dewey followed the orders and with his small fleet of ships sank the entire Spanish squadron at Manila Bay in the Philippines. As time passed, in Cuba Theodore Roosevelt let his soldiers, the rough riders, up a charge at San Juan Hill and were very successful. Later, the United States trapped the Spanish fleet of ships in Santiago and forced them to surrender. These battles essentially were apart of the Spanish American War. When the United States declared war on Spain in 1898, these battles were very important. Also, it caused the United States to celebrate its victories over the past few battles. However, there were also many effects it created. It propelled the United States further in the war and also started to conclude the war. Overall, the wars in the Philippines and Cuba were very important to the Spanish American War.
The success of achieving manifest destiny through expanding and the four motives of imperialism are a few causes of the Spanish American War. The rebellions in Cuba caused the United States to help Cuba. However, the yellow journalism articles released by Pulitzer and Hearst angered the American. Finally, war broke out and there were many battles in the Philippines and Cuba. If the United States lost the Spanish American War, then the United States may not have gained all of the territory they claimed

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