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Vartouhi Spa is a business which provides services in terms of health and beauty treatment. We have a great future prospect as it is a necessity for customers especially women. Nowadays, women are fully considered about their beauty and wellness. Therefore we have established this company in other to fulfill the needs and help them to treat their health and beauty.

We provide a high quality performance of services accordingly with our mission to become the “Destination Natural Health Spa”. Our business has a very strong and skillful management with high background skill, knowledge and experience which related with the business. Our main of the business is to give Natural Health Spa services with lesser
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✓ Hotel Referrals - Hotels that do not offer their own spa services will send their guests to our spa or use our out-call spa services. Promotions will be offered to professionals in these industries to create buzz and build relationships. ✓ Online Website - our spa will show up on every major search engine and in the phone directory. The website will have a full menu of services and eventually have the ability to schedule appointments on-line.

Financial Budget

◆ CAPITAL- 3.750M

Initial capital of Stockholders:

Agojo, Fe Marie G. - P 750, 000.00 Bordeos, Mervalyn C. - P 750, 000.00 Juco, Jan Michael Y. - P 750, 000.00 Padulla, Joanne Z. - P 750, 000.00 Tejero, Sianibel D. - P 750, 000.00


Find a comfort for your inner soul at the serene and private ambience of Vartouhi Spa. Located at the complex street of Tomas Morato, Quezon City, Philippines, Vartouhi Spa offers soothing services channeled through the gentle and healing hands of our therapists.
Vartouhi Spa aims to give you spa treatments and services at its finest at reasonable costs. Given the growing existence of spa businesses, it takes sincerity, commitment to superior and consistent quality service to thrive in this competitive industry. At Vartouhi Spa, we place a premium on customer relations and uphold the quality of our

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