Sowing Sexual Confusion By The Washington Times Essay

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“Sowing Sexual Confusion” is an editorial written by the Washington Times. “Sowing Sexual Confusion”,explains why it is unnecessary for men and women who feel like the opposite gender to use the opposite gender 's bathroom. This editorial targets anyone who does not feel comfortable sharing bathrooms with the opposite gender.Now a days there are so many people who are comming out as transgender, and they would perfer to use the bathroom that they identify as. The author starts the editorial with his claim by saying,” Who’s who and who’s got what determines who can use which public restroom.” The editorial’s reasons for his claims are, the factory-installed sexual equipment that should settle the argument, is no longer the determining factor and that some people are very confused about their sexual identity.” Sowing Sexual Confusion” is persuasive because it says the quote “ Just because a man feels like a women doesn’t mean he use the women’s restroom”. The editor uses logos in this quote,” Those of traditional - i.e. , normal - sexual orientation, who according to estimates of the U.S Centers for Disease Control make up more than 96 percent of all Americans, have a hard time understanding why the homecoming queen should be required to share a toilet with the fullback.” This quote is an example of a logical reason why we should not have gender equal bathrooms because men and women should have their own privacy . Also the author says “ The measures does not require a male…

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