Soviet Union And America After The Second World War Essays

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There were high tensions between the Soviet Union and America after the Second World War. Propaganda in the United States showed intense hatred of Stalin, and therefore the Soviet Union. Although the world leaders met and cooperated with one another, they had different opinions on the majority of topics, leaving several conferences with unanswered questions. The Yalta conference was one of those conferences that showed the dissimilar beliefs of Stalin and Roosevelt, The Korean War also proved the subtle tensions both countries had. In February of 1945, Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin met once again, more than a year after the Tehran conference. They met to establish peace inside the Soviet city of Yalta, hence the name of the conference. These world leaders decided that the Soviet Union would receive a territory, one that was taken as a result of the Russo-Japanese war in the pacific, in return for their entry into the Pacific war. In the beginning of April of 1945 they drafted the United Nations, the original organization began with fifty countries. The U.N. would consist of a general assembly and a security council. Every participating country would be represented in the general assembly and the five most powerful countries would be represented in the Security Council, these top countries would have to power to veto. Similar to the Tehran conference in Iran, many issues remained unresolved, such as, the postwar Polish government and future of Germany. The Yalta…

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