Soviet Communism And The Soviet Union Essay example

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Modern day Russian president, “Czar Putin”, has made great strides in bringing Russia back to it’s former glory after the downfall of the Soviet Union and Soviet communism threatened Russia’s position in the world as an international superpower. Prior to its modern day replication of the United States’s representative democracy, Russia’s system of government transitioned through two stages. As the totalitarian dictatorship of the Czarist period evolved into the socialist republic of the Soviet era, the world observed the Soviet Union’s attempts at implementing Karl Marx’s vision of communism in Russian society. Although Soviet leaders deemed that Russia had adopted a successful Communist system, Russian society under the USSR failed to emulate Marx’s idea of a Communist state because certain aspects of Russian actions and ideas lead to disparity and disorder that inevitably prevented the development of both Soviet Communism and the Soviet Union as evidenced by societal issues caused by a combination of faults within the fallacious Marxist ideology and the flawed Soviet practices established by corrupt Russian leaders. Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto set a base for Marxist ideology; however, flaws within the ideology itself prevented the implementation of a Communist state from being a realistic goal because among many other factors, Marx overestimated the willingness of individuals to put community needs above their own self-interests. Marx’s theory of Communism…

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