Southwest Airlines: The Elaboration Likelihood Model Of Persuasion

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The Public Relations Department at Southwest Airlines is in charge of developing the general brand image of Southwest Airlines. By utilizing the Elaboration Likelihood Model, we are positioning ourselves to influence a brand image among our frequent business travelers. We understand that by increasing our brand image we need to target our audience by using a holistic approach using both the central and peripheral route. Therefore, the ELM method works great for what we are striving for.

The elaboration likelihood model of persuasion is a dual route approach to attitude and behavioral change. The Elaboration Likelihood Model of Persuasion was proposed by Richard E. Petty and John Cacioppo in the 1980s. The model breaks
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Within character identification, the authors of the article connect the notion that narrative helps elicit a more engaged response. Additionally, when viewers identify their own characteristics within characters presented in mediated content, viewers attitudes tend to be increasingly positive, regardless of actual message content. Through the transportation of narrative and non-narrative messages, individuals have different experiences that are all conveyed differently. When narrative messages were given, people’s attitudes and beliefs were changed. The persuasion comes from the development of story that individuals engage with. This engagement gave individuals an opportunity to identify with the particular message and thus perceived the message as credibility. When non-narrative messages are viewed, people’s attitude and beliefs were not changed. This is why statistics prove that messages that have a narrative are more susceptible to convey a persuasive message. The message salience was confirmed when narrative messages were conveyed, thus activating the central route of processing. Considering this information about message salience, target audience demographics, needs, and preferences can be presented as a tool to induce central …show more content…
For example, non-linear argument structures were found to decrease ease of processing and, therefore, should be avoided in Southwest messages. Use of rhetorical questions were also found to decrease argument related processing and thought when the likelihood of elaboration is high. While structural variables have more straightforward applications, grammatical variables have more complex applications, as seen in the example above. Use of questions, termed grammatical variables in the article, should be carefully considered and applied in accordance to the experiment results that can be found in the

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