Southwest Airlines Legal Case Study

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Southwest Airlines
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Southwest Airlines
After its inception in 1967, Southwest Airlines has grown tremendously to become one of America’s biggest airlines. As a young company, Southwest Airlines focused mostly on the families and leisure travelers are the main pool of customers. Over the last fifteen years, it has shifted its focus to incorporate the business travelers and other tourists. After creating a good relationship with its clients, it formulated loyalty schemes to retain and attract more clients. These strategies helped move the company from a local airline that operated on limited airspace to one that inspired the growth of others within and outside America. This paper discusses
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Texas, Houston and San Antonio wanted to connect passengers from one city to another, using high-speed trains. The airline advocated against the idea, claiming that the method was the same one that they used to initiate its business in Texas (Muse, 2002). The constant formation of legal barriers by the Southwest Airlines had led to the counseling of the project. Therefore, the customers had to rely solely on the flight services that it offered. The other lawsuit that eluded the company was a case against Steven Aviations (Crockett, 2014). This company used a slogan similar to the one that Southwest adopted – “Plane Smart”. Contrary to people’s expectations, the CEO’s of the companies agreed to settle it over an arm-wrestling competition. The small event culminated in each CEO donating to several charity homes, hence increased public acclaim for the two businesses. The two struck a deal on the slogans to use, creating positive comments and approvals from the customers. In time, Southwest Airlines had created a brand for itself as a customer-friendly service …show more content…
It set the pace for the other industries that hardly thought of the idea at that time. The site, formerly ‘Southwest Airlines Home Gate, promoted the easy checking of routes, booking of flights and the advertising of the services to different places of the country (Muse, 2002). Recent research proved that the airline service received the largest number of unique travelers to its website. As such, it created both local and international customers, by establishing an accessible platform for requesting for the flight services. The company also used various slogans to woo more customers. For example, “Just Plane Smart” and “The Low Fare Airline”. One of them gained the business public acclaim, after the arm-wrestling

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