Southwest Airlines : A Business Man Who Graduated From The World 's Most Famous Airlines

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It was only but 44 years ago in 1971 in Dallas, TX where one of the world’s most famous airlines would emerge! Started as a very small regional carrier, flying only from Houston, TX to Dallas, TX. Founded by Rollin King, a business man who graduated from Harvard University with a Master in Business Administration and Herb Kelleher who graduated from Wesleyan University with a Bachelors in English. Southwest Airlines to this day have kept a great reputation among many customers and have continued to beat the competition back to back. Southwest made their airline different in many ways to keep it a unique airline in competitive times.
One way they did this was by hiring pretty flight attendants in very short pants for the time. Of course who wouldn’t like to fly on a plane with almost hooter like girls!? But oh no, they didn’t stop there! As the industry got more and more competitive Southwest said let’s get even more creative and gave all frequent fliers a free bottle of whiskey for all passengers to sit back and relax. In just a few months, Southwest became the largest whiskey distributor in all of “everything is bigger in Texas”. But to keep prices on the edge and lower than the other hot airlines. They offered peanuts… Yep, peanuts instead of a full meal like every other normal airline. See, Southwest wasn’t normal. That’s what made then so unique to thrive and end up being on top! No airline in the aviation industry has ever done things like this before, separating…

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