Soul Voices Concert Report

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This past Wednesday, Soul Voices, directed by Jazz Studies assistant professor Pete Malinverni held their Spring concert in the Recital Hall of the Music Building.
As I walked into the hall, I was surprised by its size and beauty. I had only previously been in the choral hall directly across, and so it was certainly not what I was expecting. From the top of the raked audience, you could see a stage at floor level, framed by two short lighting trees, and dotted with choir risers. The greeters were genuinely friendly as I took my seat and settled in.
About five minutes before the scheduled start time, President Schwartz walked in a sat directly in front of me. At first I assumed this kind of pressure would make me uncomfortable during the show.
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Malinverni walked out on stage and welcomed the crowd. He announced that the night would be opened by Purchase College’s student run acapella group, Choral Pleasure. I was incredibly excited for the group to perform, but also mildly annoyed that I didn’t know the school had an acapella group. Acapella groups have been close to my heart ever since I founded the glee club in my middle school and found my spirit animal in “Fat Amy” from Pitch Perfect.
The group performed two numbers, both prominently featuring soloists. After spending about three minutes trying to situate the microphones, the group leader, Annie McLean stepped forward to introduce the group. The delay, however, was more comical than annoying, and the entire group remained cheerful.
The first soloist had the most pure, melodic voice I have ever heard. She struggled with the tempo a bit in the beginning, jumping the beat a few times, but the group followed her lead flawlessly, and if I hadn’t known the song so well, I may not have even noticed.
I recognize I may also have been a bit bias to this soloist. My best friend in the world, who actually lived with my family for quite some time, uses hand gestures that were remarkably similar to those that this soloist

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