Essay on Sophocles ' Antigone - The Power Of Loyalty

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The Power of Loyalty In “Antigone”
The tragic play Antigone was written by Sophocles that centers on a young brave woman named Antigone. The opening scene of the play begins with two sisters, Antigone, and Ismene, arguing over their brothers Polynices and Eteocles. The brothers both killed each other in battle, and only one of them is getting the proper burial that they both deserve. The brothers had been fighting over their shared profession of being King of Thebes. Their Uncle Creon obtained the role of King and deemed who was to receive a proper burial. Polynices was deemed a traitor to Thebes and was deemed to rot but Eteocles was deemed a proper burial to be honored. Antigone wanted to give Polynices a burial and in the opening scene she tries to get Ismene to help her, but Ismene refuses. The whole story revolves around Antigone trying to get her brother the proper burial he deserves, and everyone, especially Creon, keeps getting in her way. The reader gets drawn to Antigone’s personality and characteristics. It is shown that Antigone is courageous and extremely loyal to her family. She represents strength and determination. All of these powerful characteristics help carry her in such a remarkable way, which allows her to fight for what she believes in. Women in Ancient Greece would not commonly have the characteristics that Antigone carries throughout the play. During the story of Antigone, the reader sees the rapid change in the direction of Antigone’s personality,…

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