History Of Sonata Essay

The term ‘Sonata’ over the centuries was meant that every type of instrument could be played. The term of sonata is from the Latin word “sonare” that means to be played. It was used in the past to determine a composition that did not use human voices except playing, unlike “cantata” that there are voices.
Sonata got its name from the finest instrumental form of that time, and sonata is now used to describe a composition that has 3 or 4 movements.
Sonata holds the importance and loyalty of the rest compositional forms. In the past sonata was not as we know it today. Sonata is the evolution of the old suite and the Italian instrument makers developed it. The old sonata was something like the suite and had one of the traits of the modern type of sonata.
Sonata in its structure form has three or four movements. The first movement when played makes it clear enough to distinguish it from the other musical forms. Joseph Haydn mastered the form of the first movement and the rest future composers followed his method to create their sonatas.
The first movement of the modern sonata is usually in binary form. Binary form is a musical form that relates with two sections that are repeated. It is performed at A-A-B-B. It was popular during the Baroque Period and was used to create movements of the keyboard sonatas. The first movement has the
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Sonata has its name that includes the symphony and the cyclical chamber music pieces.. The structure of sonata is thematic. Thematic means that the compositional style has a small share of melody that it is imitated and exhibited in new ways, in other words it means development. There is a contrast in the lyrical style that the melody has. Some pieces are in the thematic style and others in the lyrical style and their lyric shares may have an impact on the impression that it is created. It is also known that the melodies have to be treated than to be invented to be more

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