Alternate Sources Of Energy Essay

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The possible solutions to energy conservation issues are: finding alternate sources of energy (such as solar panels for solar energy, hydroelectric power, wind turbines generating wind power, electric cars, etc.) and conserving or more efficiently using fossil fuels (by carpooling, using alternate versions of similar products that are environment friendly, using less resources, etc.).
2. Why would some people oppose the solutions you have chosen? Some people would oppose finding other sources of energy, because fossil fuels currently play such a large role in so many peoples’ daily lives that it would be very difficult and expensive to transfer our dependence to a new resource. If people were forced (by government regulations) to have
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Businesses could have the same benefits as individuals, but they could also know that the demand for many products would go up, for the old products would need to be replaced with newer, more efficient ones. The government could offer benefits or incentives, such as reduced taxes, to individuals and businesses who make these cleaner changes. The government would benefit from the better world image and the satisfaction of not relying on the Middle Eastern countries, which is comforting for our defenses. It can be difficult to balance trade with a country that is at war with your country, so it often creates friction between the countries because the country that supplies the good or service knows that the other is desperate without it. The Middle Eastern countries know that the United States needs the oil and fossil fuels, and could make us suffer without …show more content…
This would also mean that in other countries, workers would lose their jobs because the demand for their resources would be lower than normal, meaning that they would not need to produce as much as they currently do. The United States would see higher prices for goods and services, for it would cost more to produce each product or perform each service. This increase in price would affect consumers because they would have to pay more for the same type of product, just environmentally cleaner, meaning that they would have less money to spend on their wants. In the end, the United States would be a more environmentally clean and stable place to live with less air pollution produced from burning fossil fuels. This may attract more people to live in the United States, a place where they would be able to raise a happy and healthy family that does not rely on controversial Middle Eastern countries to supply its

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