Essay on Solutions For Energy Conservation Issues

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The possible solutions to energy conservation issues are: finding alternate sources of energy (such as solar panels for solar energy, hydroelectric power, wind turbines generating wind power, electric cars, etc.) and conserving or more efficiently using fossil fuels (by carpooling, using alternate versions of similar products that are environment friendly, using less resources, etc.).
2. Why would some people oppose the solutions you have chosen? Some people would oppose finding other sources of energy, because fossil fuels currently play such a large role in so many peoples’ daily lives that it would be very difficult and expensive to transfer our dependence to a new resource. If people were forced (by government regulations) to have to purchase more expensive, but cleaner, versions of the things that they already own, many would oppose because they want to meet their needs and wants at the cheapest cost possible. Solar power, electric cars, wind power, etc. are very expensive currently because they are not used as frequently as fossil fuels in today’s society, so a lot of people would be upset that they would be forced to pay more for a certain good or service. Wind turbines are loud and unattractive, which depreciates the value of the land. Because of this, many people that live in my community oppose the use of wind power because they do not want their farm land to lose value, or because they do not want to have to hear the sound of the turbines from their home.…

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