Solution For Antibiotic Resistance And Antibiotics Resistance

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Solution for Antibiotic Resistance

So knowing the history about the discovery of antibiotics and what was the main purpose of this drug will put your mind at ease. Like I stated earlier, our society take antibiotics for any reason.
One of the best solution is to take a broader view of the microbes. Microbes which are single-cell organisms so tiny that millions can fit into the eye of a needle. They are the oldest form of life on earth. Microbe is a term for tiny creatures that individually are too small to be seen with the naked eye. Microbes include bacteria, fungi, archaea, and protists. We all know about bacteria and fungi. Archaea are bacteria-like creatures that have some traits not found in any true bacteria. Protists include primitive algae, amoebas, slime molds and protozoa. We can include viruses as a major type of microbe. We just study them, we can get a better understanding about bacteria to make better antibiotics.
In order to find a solution to antibiotic resistance, we need to understand the problem. Over the years antibiotics have been misuse and overuse which cause the effect of the bacteria to develop resistance, also be aware of the growth of food producing antibiotics. You can ask your supermarket if they carry any meat from animals raised without hormones and antibiotics, stores like Puget Consumers Coop (PCC), Whole Foods, carry these items.

Now if antibiotics are used properly it can save lives. “In the 20th century more than 20…

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