Antibiotic Resistance Essay

Statement; Antibiotic resistance and the overuse of vaccines has contributed to the increased incidence of emerging diseases and resistance to their controls and treatments.
The Human immune system is a complex network of tissues, cells and microorganisms that collaborate with one another to help protect the human body from attacking antigens. The immune system is the last line of defense, protecting the body from harmful substances that are attacking. Links between the Human immune system and harmful Pathogens are carried out by three stages of defense that your body transmits. Antibiotic resistance has a direct connection to the overuse of artificial immunity agents caused from antibiotics and vaccines.

When Pathogens such as Bacteria
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The use of antibiotics threatens the effectiveness of treatments to many diseases. Antibiotic resistance is caused through the uncapped use of antibiotics, in Human Health and Agriculture. The level of antibiotic6 resistance has increased in Australia majorly in the last decade. Antibiotics resistance has resulted in a large amount of diseases and illnesses that cannot be cured or prevented by the use of antibiotics. One way that antibiotic resistance occurs is through the mutation of Bacterial Cells. This occurs when the bacterial cells divide thus multiplying and causing the Bacteria to find a way to become immune to the artificial immunity of antibiotics, making the use of vaccines ineffective. The natural immune system takes quite a lot longer for your body to recover and overcome the bacterial infection. Thus resulting in immunity due to the creation of Y antibodies that become immune due to the memory B cells. However the use of artificial immunity such as Vaccines and Antibiotics do not create immunity to the attacking pathogens due to the chemicals used in these medicines attack and immediately kill the antigens instead of becoming immune to them like the natural immune system does. Horizontal gene transfer is considered a large contributor to antibiotic resistance. Horizontal gene transfer is the process where bacterial cells swap their genetic genes between cells allowing the new cells to become resistant while allowing the older cells to keep their resistant capabilities. This phoneme is one type of mutation of Bacterial cells that connects with antibiotic resistance due to the cells becoming resistant to the

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