Restrictions On Antibiotics Essay

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Restrictions on Antibiotics
The CDC estimates that more than 200,000 people are hospitalized each year with the flu or with flu-related complications. Most people will believe that antibiotics are the resolution to all of their illnesses when in actuality, they are wrong. Antibiotics are not the resolve to every illness, in most cases antibiotics can work negatively. Antibiotic overuse is a serious matter that must be addressed by more people. The use of antibiotics should be restricted to the public, due to the fact that, antibiotics often: affect the wrong bacteria, do not treat the viruses, and are often overused. Antibiotics were created in order to fight off bacterial infections in the body, in the early 1940’s. According to, A Brief History of Antibiotics, “Alexander Fleming, was the first scientist to discover one of the first antibiotics known as penicillin” (BBC
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There are two different types of bacteria in the body, the good bacteria and the bad. The healthy and good bacteria in the body is often killed along with the bad bacteria which can lead to more problems in the body. Antibiotics are used to destroy the cell walls in bacteria. When antibiotics are prescribed for viruses not only do they not help cure the virus, because there are no bacteria cells for it to kill, but it destroys the healthy bacteria, causing more problems for the body. Then the antibiotics are also being used when they are unneeded which ultimately causes the bacteria to begin to mutate and become immune to common antibiotics. If the bacteria continues to mutate it could cause more problems for the body. To conclude, antibiotics should be restricted to the public because they cause mutations if overused, they do not treat viruses, and they destroy the healthy and good bacteria the body needs to

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