Solution Focused Brief Therapy Based And Goal Oriented Form Of Treatment

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Solution-focused brief therapy is a strength-based and goal-oriented form of treatment. This particular form of therapy looks at client accomplishments as opposed to “focusing and exploring clients’ problems and deficiencies,” with main focuses on a “systems perspective” and “solutions, strengths, and health” (Lee). Together, these focuses propose that change is a constant, especially in day-to-day human experience. It also emphasizes importance of client ability: rather than concentrating on the immediate problems, clients are encouraged to explore their current strengths and how they can create positive change in their lives. While there is a lot of research questioning the effectiveness of solution-focused brief therapy, studies have shown that introducing solution-focused brief therapy early on in a child’s life, particularly when behavioral problems begin to arise, can better support the internalization and externalization of certain behaviors (Bond).
Insoo Kim Berg and Steve de Shazer developed solution-focused brief therapy in the early 1980s. Berg and de Shazer had spent a number of years studying at the Mental Research Institute in Palo Alto, California before moving to future home of the Brief Family Therapy Center, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. (Visser, 11-12). Berg’s studies and research at the Mental Research Institute inspired her to focus on a “more goal-oriented and pragmatic approach to therapy” (11). Berg and de Shazer were “dissatisfied with the traditional…

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