Solar Energy Is The Best Alternative Energy Resource For The Bronx

701 Words Jan 20th, 2016 3 Pages
Solar energy is a radiant light and heat from the Sun harnessed using a range of ever-evolving technologies such as solar heating, solar thermal energy, etc .Solar energy is the best alternative energy resource for the Bronx because it 's is easily accessible. It also saves electricity, and it is a renewable source. However it may not be cost effective and cannot be used with weather other than sunny. Solar energy has multiple advantages, it also has disadvantages that can easily be fixed. One advantage of solar energy is that it saves electricity. The solar panels that are built use energy from the sun to produce energy. As stated in “Solar” by Rinkesh “solar panels use sunlight to produce electricity”. This is showing how easily the free electricity is created. An average person pays up to 2400 dollars a year in electricity, however solar panels make the number go down by 1000 dollars. This will help save you money along the way, and help you use the money on something more sufficient. Another advantage provided by solar energy is it easily accessible. It can be done by anyone who has the materials for creating a solar panel. these materials consist of plywood, tools, glass and etc. Building the actual solar panels are not extremely hard to build. The document "Solar Power-Advantages and Disadvantages” written by David states, “It can be easily deployed by both home and business users and does not require a huge setup like in case of wind and geothermal power.” This is…

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