Solar Energy Advantages

Since the beginning of the time, the most primary method of generating electricity has been through the use of water. Although, now we can even use the sunlight to generate electricity and use it for many other purposes. Due to which solar energy is a major renewable energy source nowadays which actually possess the potential to confront numerous challenges that is being faced through-out the world. The solar energy is and will increase in its popularity. The reason is that it is versatile with many benefits to people and as well as to the environment. Solar energy is beneficial because solar energy is safe and clean, it is renewable, and it helps combat climate changes.
Firstly, solar energy is a safe alternative source of energy which can
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Solar energy is renewable source, which means we can never run out of the sunshine. Due to which, utilizing energy from the natural renewable sources like the sun, dependence on sources such as oil and coal that are harmful to environment can be decreased. As shown in figure 2, the solar energy is a renewable energy source. Although, energy that is produced from other sources like coal and natural gas are expensive as well as they are not renewable. Moreover, people have been able to capture some of the sun’s energy that falls to earth and convert it into usable power for a variety of practical uses such as for cooking, heating, and to power everyday appliances. According to conserve free energy, “Solar energy is one of the most widely used renewable source of energy. One can use renewable energy technologies to convert solar energy into electricity” …show more content…
It helps combat climate changes, and it is safe and clean. Solar energy also has many other benefits regardless of just generating electricity. Solar energy is an alternative to fossil fuels as it is a non-polluting energy source, clean, and reliable. According to some studies, the solar industry employed three times more people than the coal industry in 2015. In fact, 1.2% of all jobs in United States were from the solar industry. Due to which solar energy is one of the job opportunities for the people in the future. Therefore, people should try to use solar energy which helps themselves as well as it is a non-polluting energy source which prevents

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