Essay on Softball Vs Baseball On Terms Of Speed And Distance

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Softball versus Baseball in Terms of Speed and Distance There has been, and will for a long time be, much controversy about whether or not baseball players are better, and the sport is more difficult, than softball. If you were to go to a baseball game and then go to a softball game, it would appear that the baseballs are hit harder and farther than the softballs were hit. The two specific fields even differ largely in dimensions: The baseball field being larger than the softball field. There are many things that may contribute to this, such as softball is generally played by females while baseball is generally played by males, the gender difference also means a difference in muscle and strength. Other contributors may be the size of the ball, the way the ball is pitched, where is it pitched from, and at what speed. Normally in softball a 12 inch ball is pitched underhand, 43 feet away from home plate, at an average speed of 55 miles per hour at the high school level. In baseball, a 9 inch ball is pitched overhand, 60 feet from home plate, at an average of 75 miles per hour at the high school level. I have discovered that through experience in a batting cage, the baseballs do tend to go farther than a softball might go; they sound better coming off of the bat and generally have a better trajectory when hit. Through exploring the distance of the balls hit when as many differences have been eliminated, I may be able to discover whether baseball players are,…

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