Socrates ' Speech On The State 's Mission Statement And Values

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Although Socrates prepared his speech in the Apology to be used in his defense trial, it seems as if Socrates also subtly promoted a manifesto of values that are quite comparable to the values listed in Connecticut College’s Mission Statement and Values. It may be argued that this is purely coincidental, however, Socrates’ speech in the Apology has been and still is a tremendous philosophical influence, thus, it appears more so that Socrates’ speech influenced the Connecticut College’s Mission Statement and Values. However, it is worth mentioning that the College’s Mission Statement was constructed for a unique purpose, thus, certain aspects of the College’s values are uniquely different from that of Socrates. Connecticut College wrote their document in order to create a society based specifically upon their values while also detailing values that their members should personally uphold in order to continuously improve the College in all positive aspects. On the other hand, Socrates wrote his document to merely list values that citizens of any given society should uphold in order to improve their society in all positive aspects. This subtle between the purposes of each manifesto is important to recognize because some values within the two manifestos are quite different from each other. Not understanding this subtle difference might lead one to misunderstand the value itself as well as the extent to which Socrates actually influenced the Connecticut College Mission Statement.…

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